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  1. Add quinoa to salads
    If your salads just aren’t filling (or tasty) enough, add cooked and cooled quinoa to your salad, along with a flavour-packed dressing. Here are 12 easy tricks to make salad more interesting.
  2. Make breakfast porridge
    Quinoa isn’t just a savoury ingredient — you can use it as a base for breakfast porridge and add your favourite fruit, nuts and yoghurt on top.
  3. Make burger patties
    Thanks to its binding nature and filling texture, quinoa is the perfect base for veggie patties, along with beans and herbs.
  4. Make quinoa taco ‘meat’
    Because protein-packed quinoa is a great vego alternative to meat, it acts as a perfect, flavourful substitute for taco ‘meat’ when cooked with spices and salsa.
  5. Add to buddha bowls
    The next time you make a healthy buddha bowl with roast veggies, legumes and tahini dressing, add cooked quinoa to the mix for extra texture and protein.